Premium appartments in the central city

Each apartment has its own separate double or tandem garage behind the apartments internally linked to the foyer. Each apartment has its own direct lift access without shared upper floor lobbies.
The apartments have three bedrooms, three ensuites and some have a dressing room and powder room. Separate laundry, two balconies and a large amount of built in storage. Finishes are of a very high quality with Travertine stone floors, wool carpets, oak flooring, stained oak joinery and wall linings as well as marble wall linings in the bathrooms.
Close to amenities such as Hagley Park, Botanical Gardens, Cranmer Square, Victoria Square, Avon River Walk. It is also close to Central City Amenities such as The Terraces, Farmers Market and the Crossing.

The first Base isolated apartment building in NZ

The Paragon Apartments are safe and secure with many features that were unique and unusual to Christchurch and New Zealand at the time of construction.
This was the first base isolated apartment building in New Zealand. It is also one of the only concrete shear wall base isolated building as well as being one of the slenderest, height to width, base isolated buildings constructed in New Zealand.


This building includes efficient ducted self-contained heat pump with each apartment. Windows are mostly well shaded from the sun to avoid overheating via either deep reveals or overhanging balconies. They are all structurally glazed to minimise cold bridging.
Key materials include Neolith sintered stone cladding which is 100% natural, fully recyclable with numerous green certifications. The roof is a full warm roof system avoiding cold bridges. The exterior fa├žade is insulated beyond code levels.